Get An Urgent Dental Service From An Emergency Dentist

Getting a dental emergency is expected. A dental emergency is a condition likely to present in emergency and accident departments with:

  • Uncontrollable dental hemorrhage following extractions
  • Rapidly increasing swelling around the eye or throat
  • Trauma contained to the dental arches

These are dental emergency classifications that are usually addressed by the emergency dentist Brisbane.

Common dental emergencies

Accidents in life are unpredictable. It is not like you have planned to get injured at sports practice. Thus, what do you do in times of emergency, and it is your mouth that is in trouble? Dental emergencies happen and usually involve some form of trauma to the jaw, gums, and teeth.

Some incidents are so severe that going to the emergency room is needed. You must not delay treatment and seek help soon after the trauma. There is a range of dental emergencies from broken teeth to toothaches. It is essential to minimize long-term damage to oral health by visiting an emergency dentist.

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Here are the four most common reasons people seek out emergency dental care:

  1. Knocked-out tooth. It occurred resulting in oral injury and the tooth being knocked out. When you find yourself in this situation, try not to get panic. Pick the tooth up to avoid damage to the roots. Then, rinse off the debris or dirt and if possible, you may try putting the tooth back into the socket. But, ensure that you go to an emergency dentist to fix the knocked-out tooth.
  2. Cracked or broken tooth. It is another dental emergency that has to be taken care of soon after it occurs is a cracked or broken tooth. If this happens to you, you need to first try to save your tooth. Ensure to rinse the mouth with warm water to clean the area to help reduce swelling and then apply a cold compress on the face.
  3. Dental abscess. It is a pocket of pus in the tooth caused by infection. The infection results from an ignored cavity, old dental work, and injury. The emergency dentist drains the abscess to get rid of the infection. The tooth can be saved using a root canal. However, if the tooth is too severe, it needs to be pulled. If the dental abscess is untreated, it results in often life-threatening difficulties.
  4. Severe toothache. Do you have persistent tooth pain? A few steps can help ease the discomfort before calling an emergency dentist. You can rinse the mouth with warm water to get the area clean. You can gently use floss to remove food caught between the teeth. But, if you think that you need a professional’s hand, call for an emergency dentist now.

Make an appointment now with an emergency dentist.