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Melbourne has the primary political, economic, and financial, and has a variety of modern hospitals, including public and private sectors. Several of these hospitals provide the high-quality medical facility at global standards. Visitors to Melbourne may rest assured that all their medical demands are successful due to the city’s several world-recognized hospitals. English-speaking personnel is available at all of the top hospitals.

The Southbank Medical Centre offers several services to patients within the CBD, giving great accessibility in one convenient place. The clinic provides more specialised diagnostic and treatment programmes, such as men’s & women’s health, vaccinations, and other services.

Their medical care enables professional specialists to create a report with people in their care, as well as get an awareness of their medical history, to ensure regular and effective treatment, and also conserve hours of time and hassle coordinating numerous physicians. All are part of our commitment to providing a high level of service in Melbourne.

A Fully Equipped Medical Centre Provides General Wellness, & Other Services

As a general practise clinic, Southbank Medical Centre also provides several health services through wide-ranging facilities within CBD for much more specialised needs. For instance, if you require blood testing, patients will not have to leave the clinic because they also have equipped pathology functionality. If you need a skin check, they can also cater to you in the clinic with your initial appointment. Additionally, if you plan to travel outside of Australia, Southbank can also give a consultation on the best travel medicine to offer you adequate protection while you are away.

Services available

The Southbank strives to provide healthcare services with a high standard of dedication and excellence. As the oldest Medical Centre, they offer a comprehensive range of healthcare services, including:

Southbank Healthcare Centre, Ottawa, Ontario

General Practitioners

Check-ups, hypertension, general wellness

Family Planning

Guidance for both men and women

Women Health

Pap smears, pregnancy testing


Heart checks

  • Vaccinations

Vaccinations for babies, toddlers, children, and all travel vaccinations

Minor surgery

Minor surgery includes mending incisions, and sunspots, removing moles and freezing sunspots and warts using liquid nitrogen.

Skin examinations

Evaluation and removal of moles, sunspots, and warts


When you need a Physiotherapist, you can reach out to trained who provide specialised knowledge, treatment, and improved physical health while reducing the risk of recurrence.


If you have musculoskeletal symptoms such as back pain, neck discomfort, rib pain, tendonitis, headaches, arthritis, sprains, and strains, our enthusiastic and committed Osteopath can help.

Services of a Dietitian

They provide dietitian and nutritionist services to patients to help them improve their health by offering expert nutrition and diet tips.

TeleHealth sServices

Southbank is accessible to make healthcare to make faster and more affordable. The potential of telehealth to link individuals with medical services wherever they are at any time is by far its great, largest, and most evident characteristic. Telehealth has progressed medical care for those with a lower level of personal mobility, such as pregnant and new moms, the elder, and those who reside in regional, rural, and remote places.