Seer Health Home-Based Epilepsy Diagnosis Is Available

Neurodiagnostic technologists conduct many tests to diagnose problems such as the brain, nervous system, and sleep disorders. A doctor can diagnose and treat a patient using cutting-edge digital equipment that can capture electrical patterns throughout the brain and nervous system. These tests’ results identify diseases, including epilepsy, seizure disorders, strokes, and degenerative brain illness.

Seer Medical provides people more control over their valuable assets—their health and their time—Seer was formed to enable access to top-notch clinical monitoring. They facilitate the shift of clinical assessment from the hospital to the home and integrate the best technologies, cloud computing, and computer programming. Their goal is to develop innovative clinical care systems that diagnose and therapies for cardiac, sleep, and neurological problems. Opening up home monitoring on a large scale can free up medical system waiting lists, expedite care, and save millions of lives.

Why choose Seer?

The home-based video-EEG system Seer Medical completely reimagines and provides patient comfort and the information you require. They use a mobile that uses your recorded events and years of study to predict when you could be more or less likely to experience seizures. A seizure is a brief period of uncontrollable electrical activity between brain cells (also called neurons or nerve cells) that results in transient anomalies in behavior, feelings, states of awareness, or muscular tone or movement (such as stiffness, twitching, or limpness).

Seer Medical

How does a non-invasive forecaster of seizure risk operate?

  • To determine your triggers, you must first record your occurrences in detail.
  • You will learn more about the seizure cycles through the apps.
  • You can determine when your risk of seizures is high or low and plans accordingly.

The Seer app needs to be downloaded or updated first. You must record at least ten episodes to get your personalized seizure risk forecast; you can achieve this by documenting information from previous seizure diaries. The app will start to show the likelihood of you having a seizure once it has processed at least ten occurrences and can comprehend your cycle.

However, people 18 years old and above are only permitted to use the Seer app. From under 18 years, old are still allowed to do so and advised for guidance from an adult or caregiver.

Although Seer has not officially evaluated its forecasting methods in children under the age of 16, they do believe that younger people also experience the physiological rhythms that drive the likelihood of seizures to fluctuate.

How can they provide outstanding care in your way?

With Seer Health, you can modify your home video-EEG delivery and more effectively meet the requirements of the patients, like:

  • Refer To Seer Health

In-home or clinic-based video-EEG services to connect the reporting offered to patients.

  • On-Site Services

Services for video-EEG provides at your clinic or hospital. Seer offers adaptable methods to handle waitlists or resource limitations.