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These updated pharmacies take pride in giving patients the assistance they require from the pharmacy to be the centre of care. By installing the app, 2 million users are subscribing, allowing it to function more effectively and efficiently.

My Medadvisor in London is the best app that frequently receives five-star evaluations from its clients. 97% of app users stick with their preferred pharmacy. These medication apps are easy to order from the comfort of your home and free. This handy tool helps individuals remember to take their medication on schedule, request repeat prescriptions, and never worry about missing a dosage again. MedAdvisor keeps tracking your prescriptions can be purchased using a phone. It’s a simple method for handling your medication.

For pharmacies, My MedAdvisor Pharmacy Solutions assist pharmacies in delivering a better client experience, much like an extra helping hand in your pharmacy. This set of products facilitates medication management, boosts adherence, fosters client connections, and enhances the processes of the pharmacies.

MedAdvisor collaborates with pharmaceutical firms to create digital information that addresses prescription non-adherence. Giving your patients access to this information enhances their health outcomes and level of health literacy. Additionally, increased products for your pharmacy may result from improved adherence.

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What are the three steps to company success?

Subscribing these medication apps for business can improve your brand’s adherence by 20%, resulting in more repeat prescriptions and higher profits. The apps also can increase perseverance on this digital adherence, programmes demonstrated to enhance persistence in addition to compliance, adding additional value. Additionally, MedAbivisor will increase patient satisfaction because its programmes have been tried and tested and proven to improve patient feedback and boost patient loyalty.

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What advantages for your pharmacy?

  • Give your customers the MedAdvisor app to follow their repeat prescription purchase, and lessen the stress on the pharmacy. Cut back on pointless phone calls to place an order or check on the status of prescriptions.
  • The MedAdvisor app will set your company apart from the competition and draw new clients to utilise your pharmacy. Only 14% of the time is spent on mobile websites by mobile users, who spend more than 86% of their time on services via mobile apps. The above app gives patients a reason to choose your practise if you advertise on social media.
  • The commodity MedAdvisor system promotes and manages pharmaceutical service bookings for app and non-app consumers. Book appointments online to simplify procedures and lower no-shows. Your pharmacy staff will be able to list the services offered and booked.
  • This medication app reminds users to take their medicine on schedule and notifies them when a repeat order needs to be purchased. Improved health results can assist your patients in adhering more consistently. Aiding your patients in maintaining medication control is crucial.