Check out the best tonic waters for your gin

Many brands of premium tonic water are on the market, yet not all of them are made equally. When looking for the premium tonic water for your gin, you must pay attention to the quality and ingredients of the product. The ideal tonic waters will have the most acceptable quinine content, it provides the drink with a distinctively bitter taste. They will also have a greater sugar content compared to other types of tonic water, which aids to balance out the gin’s flavors. Tonic water is an acquired taste, and a lot of people don’t know what makes tonic water vary from other carbonated ones.

 When picking tonic water, it’s necessary to check the label and make sure that it doesn’t an extra flavors or sweeteners. These can sometimes cover up the taste of the gin and make it less enjoyable. If you like to get the most out of your gin, pick the premium tonic water that will match its flavors. Below are some great brands you need to consider when looking for the best tonic waters to complement your gin.

Discover the best tonic water for gins

premium tonic water


  • Fever-Tree tonic water has grown rapidly since it provides a variety of tonics to go with different gins. It has become the preferred tonic for upscale establishments and connoisseurs everywhere. It was manufactured particularly for your bottle of gin by a business that is an expert in mixers. The conventional Indian tonic water is the strongest tonic, yet a lot of bartenders like the Mediterranean tonic. Because most traditional gin types are emphasized better by their lower sugar content and milder flavor.


  • Strangelove No. 8 is Australian-made tonic water that blends cinchona extract to offer a well-rounded bitterness. That is improved by lemon peel and fresh oranges and the country’s growing plentiful craft gins.

East Imperial

  • East Imperial has been well-known among bartenders and Kiwi connoisseurs for more than 10 years, despite being new to Australia. They are executed respecting both modern and conventional tonic water styles. For those who prefer robust, potent flavors, there are ultra-premium and Yuzu tonics. Yet, gin connoisseurs mostly choose the old-world tonic, which complements the flavors and has half less sugar.


  • Fentimans is a British firm with more than a century of experience making botanical soft drinks. They have found an inevitable recipe for a decent tonic. They have seven particular tonic water to suit all tastes after sourcing botanicals worldwide.

 Q Mixers Light Tonic Water

  • Q Mixers Light Tonic Water is ideal for your next party. It’s refreshing, light, and has the appropriate amount of sweetness. It’s low in calories, thus that you can have fun without guilt. Thus, next time you’re having a party, choose some bottles of Q Mixers Light Tonic Water, your guest will enjoy this much.