Best Root Canal Dentist Singapore: Way To Get That Perfect Smile!

A Best Root Canal Dentist Singapore is a replacement for a missing or damaged tooth. They can get you the closest to having a natural tooth. They are basically a titanium screw that acts as the root of the tooth (as the tooth itself is missing or not there for some reason). It is fitted in the gums (your jawbone) which holds it tight just like a natural tooth and upon it a connector also known as an abutment is placed which holds the crown (the part of a tooth you generally see, the white head). The crown can be of any type: ceramic, gold, silver. The basic purpose is to act as a natural tooth.

Do they hurt?

It would be a lie if said that it doesn’t hurt at all. Of course, just like any other dental treatment best root canal dentist singapore hurt as well but is gravely wrong to assume that the pain would be more than that of extraction a natural tooth. At the time of implanting, you would not feel any pain as local anaesthesia are used. Though the week following the procedure could be discomforting with proper care and rest it would soon fade away.

Best Root Canal Dentist Singapore

Is it safe?

Since 600 AD, dental implants have been in use, when pieces of shell were hammered into the jaw to make it work as a tooth. With the advancement of technology and medical sciences, dental implantation has progressed leaps and bounds. It is a safe and tested form of treatment. More than a billion people in today’s world have dental implants and the numbers are still growing. Though the more important question lies in how long they would last and the answer is fairly simple- as long as you take good care of them.

Just like natural teeth, you need to take care of your implants. You need to get them regularly checked and have the maintenance appointments in place. Do not ignore the suggestions advised by your doctor for the health of your implant. But if you do leave them neglected then they are bound to wound in problems. It could lead to gum infection, bleeding, pain in the gum, soreness, etc. These problems are no different from the ones you’ll get if you neglect your natural teeth.